It seemed until recently that finding equipment solid, and above all smartphones, with very solid components at a low price, is rather impossible. However, a company called Xiaomi has appeared on the Polish market. It offers models of phones that match the boldness of the world giants. They are also available for absolutely every pocket. It is thanks to "Chinese Apple" has changed significantly people's perspective on Chinese devices. Not so long ago they were associated with a very low price, but at the same time with poor quality. Xiaomi devices are in fact synonymous with the highest quality components used, high quality, remarkable design and of course low price. These smartphones also have a great technical specification. That is why it is worth taking a closer look at them.

We've definitely fallen in love Smartphones that are manufactured by Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer can boast of a really great result, which it managed to achieve in Poland.

Sales in Poland of smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2019


As can be seen from the data that are published by IDC, in the last three months of last year, Poles bought most often phones of the Samsung brand. This should rather not be particularly surprising. The South Korean company, not really counting a few quarters, has already remained for a long time a real leader in our market.

Flagships, which offer the possibility of a top, recognizable logo, and to this really good models from the middle and low shelf, have a positive effect on popularity. Samsung last year end with an impressive result of 32.3 percent, so almost every third smartphone bought belonged precisely to the Koreans. We must admit that this is a really impressive result.

It really got interesting on the next places of the podium. Huawei, which sometimes even managed to surpass Samsung, must come with a significant drop in interest. As if that were not enough on the second place jumped into Xiaomi. Huawei was pushed to the third position.

What's the matter, but met very ambitious assumptions Xiaomi, and it's really earlier than even assumed. We learned in November that the manufacturer wants to be the second largest player in the Polish smartphone market. The company was to achieve this in 2020. However, the problems of Huawei and the strategy based on devices that offer a great ratio of quality to the price itself, as well as the brand increasingly recognized, it all had to work in the end. The rival coming from China has been defeated.

Xiaomi is increasingly popular

Chinese manufacturer already much early recorded really significant sales growth in our country. Last year Xiaomi jumped away more clearly Apple, strengthening its position on the last place on the podium. The company has finally managed to reach out to the mass customer and also make a reputation as a manufacturer that sells really very good devices and at a low price.

Xiaomi is obviously doing great not only in our country. It is the fourth largest manufacturer in the world. It even conquers the rich Western Europe.

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