The Apple Watch 6 and watchOS 7 could finally bring sleep tracking and blood oxygen monitoring to the Apple wearables range, with more changes happening under the Watch's surface.

Israeli tech site The Verifier (via TechRadar) is the one behind the claims, citing anonymous sources at Apple with whom it has worked for several years.


WatchOS 7 will finally get sleep and blood oxygen tracking this year, The Verifier's sources claim. We can also expect a revised OS design, along with updated versions of the default apps and more features for Siri.

Unfortunately, leaks also state that watchOS 7 won't be coming to the earliest Apple Watch models, specifically the 2016 Apple Watch Series 2, Series 1, and the original Apple Watch. These older models, which include hardware incapable of taking advantage of these new features, will continue to receive small updates and bug fixes for another year however.

As for the hardware, sources say we'll see better battery life and better support for LTE and Wi-Fi 6, but also that the exterior design of the Apple Watch won't change much. Looking further ahead, the Apple Watch 7 will reportedly feature a fingerprint scanner sub-display, moving the biometric reader off the Watch's crown. This would be a new form of Touch ID.

Normally, the latest changes to watchOS would be shown off at Apple's WWDC 2020 event. However, a coronavirus pandemic has caused the event to shift to an online-only presentation in June. We'll still likely hear about watchOS 7 during this version of WWDC, but the actual Apple Watch 6 release date probably won't be until the fall as usual.

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