With the Galaxy S20 Ultra's Space Zoom feature, you've never been able to get too close to the subject of your photos - even when you're standing on a fairly long road.

Camera improvements highlight the many changes Samsung has made to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but few stand out more than the 48MP telephoto lens, which is one of the four cameras on the back of the phone. You can use this telephoto lens for 10x lossless zoom, which captures a lot of detail at a distance without losing focus. But you don't have to limit yourself to 10x zoom - keep zooming in on your subject and you can zoom in up to 100x.


(Are you using a Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20 Plus instead? If so, I'm afraid Space Zoom is out of reach for you. These phones come with a 64MP telephoto lens that supports 3X lossless zoom. On the regular S20 and S20 Plus phones, you can zoom up to 30X using digital zoom).

Samsung has dubbed this 100x Space Zoom and it's an effective way to really get up close and personal. Just be aware that, unlike the 10x lossless zoom, images will be blurrier the closer you get to testing the limits of Space Zoom. You'll definitely want to use a tripod or other stand when shooting with Space Zoom, as just holding your phone in your hands is unlikely to get a steady shot.

Space Zoom can be useful for capturing details that other cameras just can't get close to. Here's how to use the Space Zoom feature on the Galaxy S20 Ultra when you're out and about taking photos with your phone.

1 . 1. Launch the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera.

2. using the menu above the shutter button, set the shooting mode to Photo and frame your photo.

3. Spread your thumb and forefinger over the viewfinder to zoomin; you can make pinching motions with the same fingers when you want to zoom out.

(4) The viewfinder on the Galaxy S20 Ultra will show a zoom scale at the bottom of the screen when you're shooting in portrait mode. The same scale appears on the left side.

If pinching is too sloppy for your liking, use the rounded zoom levels next to the scale for a more precise zoom. you have 2x, 4x, 10x, 30x, and 100x zooms to choose from. Tapping 1X takes you back to the normal view, while the 0.5X option zooms in for a wider shot. Tapping 100x will take you straight to the Galaxy S20 Ultra's space zoom.

Don't worry about losing your subject while zooming in, as the screen also has a pop-up full-frame view for better aiming that appears around 20x.

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