What's in the box?

Solid cardboard packaging does not provide us with only Xiaomi Mi 9 SE phone. Waiting for us in it is also a case worn on the back, USB-C cable equipped not only with a charger, but also in the adapter, and the key to replace the SIM card. There is also no lack of user manual.


The silicone case is the most interesting. You can appreciate it, if only because it prevents scratches that often appear on the edges of the mobile phone. Slightly worse is the headphone adapter. Its constant attachment to the headphones is not convenient and makes us ask ourselves whether we are really dealing with the best possible solution.

Appearance and design

The phone consists of a thin frame made of aluminum and two sheets of glass, and it is these two elements that project its appearance. On the back panel there is a lens of one of the cameras and you have to reckon with the fact that it will stick out quite a bit even after putting the case on. This detail can be a bit annoying, especially if the smartphone gets caught in a pocket where it is often kept.

The dimensions of the phone are perfect both when you are looking for a place for it in your pocket, and when you are using it. It is not overly heavy, but at the same time is characterized by durability, which is able to satisfy even a very demanding user.


The phone has a Super AMOLED display with a diagonal of 5.97 inches. This size is considered by many people to be ideal. It is neither too small nor excessively large. The screen is perfect not only for reading news and browsing the Internet. It also allows you to watch movies in comfortable conditions and to do many other things. There is also a fingerprint reader on it.

Processor, software and performance

The heart of the phone is certainly an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor, typical, by the way, for models included in the so-called medium price range. RAM available on the phone is 6 GB, and Android 9.0 software is installed on it. Thanks to such solutions, switching between applications is fast, neither web browsing nor online gaming is a problem.

Internal memory

Also, people who care about a large internal memory have no reason to complain. It is 64 GB, and this is really a lot. Of course, the manufacturer took care here about the possibility of choice, so if we can allocate to the purchase a little more money, on sale is also available model with a capacity of 128 GB. It is worth considering this option primarily because the phone does not have a slot that allows you to expand the memory.

Applications and system tools

In the phone we will find pre-installed applications coming from Xiaomi, but we can also count on a very convenient option that allows you to clean the memory of the smartphone in order to optimize the work. The phone also has a scanner to make sure that there are no viruses on it. The phone, thanks to a built-in application, can also be used as a remote control for your TV.

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