Wireless devices have been enjoying considerable popularity in the market for quite some time now. Practically most chargers for mobile devices currently use the micro USB standard, while wireless chargers offer great convenience. How does such a device work? When to use inductive charger? What to pay attention to during purchase?

Inductive charger - how it works

Inductive charging is based on QI standard, which is designed to guarantee compatibility with mobile devices. This phenomenon was described by Tesla, who pointed out that the current flowing through the transmitting coil creates an electromagnetic field that is designed to induce voltage in the receiving coil, which is placed in the phone.
It is worth noting that inductive charging is not quite wireless, as the charger itself must be plugged into an outlet at first. The phone in this case should lie in close proximity on the plate, which will allow you to take advantage of this method of charging. This option will work very well in offices, where it is necessary to use a charged phone.

When it is worth to use inductive charger?


Fast charging of the battery in the phone makes life easier and is a great convenience for many people. However, not every model of smartphone can take advantage of such charging - currently a specific group of equipment is factory-adapted for this activity. When choosing the perfect smartphone, therefore, pay attention to whether you gain the ability to inductive charging. If there will be no such possibility, we can take advantage of buying caps, which are suitable for using inductive chargers. Before buying, however, check whether the phone is suitable for the overlay - it is placed under the casing, which sometimes prevents a tight seal. This type of charger is worth using when you want to charge your phone comfortably and efficiently.

Buying an inductive charger

On the market we can find various offers that differ from each other. When choosing an inductive charger, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects:

  • The shape of the charger - in this case, we have a choice of rectangular shape or round.
  • The material of which the charger is made - here it is important to bet on a solid and durable material, which will affect the long use of the equipment. The surface should be anti-slip, which will protect against falls.
  • The appearance of the device - it turns out that the wireless charger can be a great variety in the office or at home. Aesthetic issues are therefore welcome.
  • Brand - buying a product from a well-known and reputable manufacturer will allow us to be sure that we have chosen the best solution. Do not forget that it is not necessary to buy a charger from the same manufacturer as the phone.
  • Size of the charger and the active surface - this is a key issue that cannot be omitted. More comfortable use will provide us with a larger surface, especially if we have a large phone.
  • Charging intensity, affecting the rate of battery charging.
  • Charging location - more and more often we can find not only chargers designed for the rooms in the house or office, but also plugged into the cigarette lighter socket in the car.
  • Options and equipment which are to facilitate the use (alarm clock, watch, LED/LCD display, diode).
  • Price - for many customers this is a priority issue. The purchase cost depends on the brand and parameters of the equipment.

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