Although phones are now wireless, they still require charging or at least transferring various files to or from them. For this purpose, of course, you should have a cable. However, is its purchase so simple and obvious?

What is worth knowing about cables for phones?

Cable to the phone: this you must know before buyingAn important practical aspect that you should pay attention to when buying a cable for the phone is its length. Here you should think about what purpose will it be used. If you need a cable only for power bank it can be short. However, if you want to charge the phone through the charger, it is better to bet on a longer cable, which will allow you to plug it into any contact and put it on the table or freely use it. Long cable for the phone is also useful when charging in the car or using navigation while driving, when the phone is usually placed on a special holder on the windshield of the car. Another important issue is the tip of the cable. Different phones can have different charging inputs, and in the store you will easily find several types of cables. So it is worth checking whether you will need a "USB - C" or maybe "USB - A". In currently produced phones the most popular input is "USB - C". However, if you have an older phone best before buying to check how professionally defined is the input for charging. Another important issue, which many people wonder before buying a cable is its brand. Should be the same company from which we have a phone? Of course, this is not a requirement. Sturdy cable for the phone You can freely buy from another brand than the one that produced the smartphone. Just bet on a store that sells cables from good companies. This is because there are brands that specialize in the production of USB cables, so you can purchase even a better cable than the one that was originally attached to the phone. This is primarily related to the quality of workmanship. Cable to the phone with decent materials much longer "survive". In view of this, is it worth spending a lot of money on a cable? If you want to use it intensively and for a long time it is definitely worth investing. Even if it will be a greater expense, we will get huge profits from it, in the form of a cable that works well for years, and in time it will turn out that it was worth spending money.

USB cables to the phone: what to do to make them last longer?

The frequent need to replace USB cables is simply tiresome and problematic. However, when we buy a cable for the phone, do we always have to reckon with the fact that after a few months of use it will have to be replaced? Of course not, if only we take proper care of it. Even a solid cable to the phone should be properly stored. This is the basis of taking care of USB cables, because most of them simply do not have a case, and we keep them with a lot of other cables and let them tangle, and thus also destroy faster. That is why it is worth investing in a case for cables. It allows you to keep them separately, usually by plugging or rolling cables. Thanks to it, we do not keep all cables of different lengths together in a drawer and do not expose them to rapid destruction. The case is also a salvation for those who have a problem with losing things, and after all, the cable to the phone is very easy to lose. Keeping the cable in the case will be much easier for you to find it. In addition, if you have a smaller cable you can attach the case with it directly to your phone, so you always have it with you. The length of cables mentioned earlier is also important in terms of taking care of them. If you don't need a long cable then simply don't buy one. The shorter the cable, the easier it will be for you to maintain its lifespan longer. You can carry such a cable in a small case, and even when you throw it in a drawer with other cables, it should not get tangled. Cables are harmed not only by tangling with each other, but above all by excessive tension or twisting. Therefore, after charging, the cable should not be tightly wrapped around the charger - of course we can wrap it around, but so that it is free. You should also not put heavy objects on the cables. It seems obvious, but if you keep a cable connected to an extension cord next to your desk, it's easy to bump into it with your chair.


The cable to the phone should be properly selected and used. When you bet on a product of a solid company, and then we will take care of it, it will easily serve us for years.

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