Huawei Smartphones For a long time now, are definitely among the group of best-selling devices on the market, nevertheless, of course, there are some reasons for this.

Buying a brand new smartphone isn't a special feat these days, but making the right choices in this regard is another matter altogether. The golden mean will undoubtedly be to find an offer that would be a combination of low price, high quality and functionality, however this is easy to talk about and hard to translate into action.


This article is intended to defend the thesis, which in medieval times could be sufficient reason to burn its author at the stake, but fortunately we live in civilized times, so we are somewhat safe.

What is squeaking in Huawei?

Recently in the media was quite loud about the inclusion of the Huawei brand on the so-called black list. Such a step could only be made by one player, namely the United States. The U.S. government decided to enter the next stage of the trade war with China and choose a victim on which it had already sharpened its teeth.

Even before the "banning scandal" erupted Huawei was accused of spying without any evidence. It was not necessary, because the rumors were enough to sow fear among the latest technology geeks of being observed and watched by Chinese intelligence.

Whatever, but the legitimacy of the United States to be the white knight on spying is not very convincing, given the wide-ranging Edward Snowden episode. It will also be hard to believe in total anonymity in today's high-tech world and in the clear conscience of any functioning government.

The latest U.S. provisions are set to take effect later this year, banning U.S. companies from any cooperation with Huawei and thus depriving the Chinese manufacturer of the opportunity to benefit from U.S. technological thought.

In retaliation, the Huawei brand began intensive work on its own operating system. Thanks to this, the company reassured customers and played on the noses of American mobile networks, although even this was not enough to reduce the fears of all customers - the sale of phones has declined sharply, and many of them were returned to stores.

So the uncertain situation does not serve Huawei, but it can serve more courageous customers who will not be afraid to take risks and use the current crisis to their advantage.

Prices are very low

Most geeks of the latest technologies have certainly noticed that there are now many promotions for the mentioned Huawei smartphones. The reasons for this state are obvious and have already been explained above.

The collapse of the company, which in our country occupies a fairly high position, is definitely not in the hands of distributors and stores whose shelves are overflowing with equipment having a red logo. Therefore, some of them have decided on unprecedented price reductions.

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