Your smartphone may have functions that you are not aware of. The USB port on your phone is not just for powering the device. The basic equipment of the product, which is usually included in the box from the manufacturer, is the user manual, charger with power cable and headphones. However, in many cases there is another link inside the package that sometimes raises a lot of questions because not everyone knows what it is used for, this link is an OTG cable.

What is an OTG cable?

OTG stands for "On The Go". A USB OTG connection significantly expands the scope for data transfer. The cable itself is not expensive. Therefore, if for some reason the manufacturer did not put it in the package of your smartphone, or you lost it, not knowing too much about how to use its functions, it is easy to make up for this lack in the equipment of your device - you can enter the well-known GSM equipment websites and you will certainly find in the offer OTG cable for example on

An OTG cable has features that will allow you to connect your smartphone to devices that you previously thought were only applicable to a computer. With an OTG connection, your phone will be able to be connected to, for example, a keyboard, mouse, or even a gamepad. If your device doesn't have access to the internet, for example due to module failure or simply because it doesn't have this function, then with an OTG cable you can also connect it to an external modem. To extend the function of the OTG cable you can use an additional splitter, a so-called USB hub. This will increase the number of links that can be connected to the main port. Another function of the OTG cable is the ability to quickly transfer data. The operation of the device allows you to connect your smartphone to a flash drive or external drive, as well as transfer data between USB and USB-C accessories. In good quality connections, data transfer is possible up to 5000 Mbps. The OTG cable is also reliable and compact, so it is great for everyday situations.

OTG cable: where is it needed?


An OTG cable can come in handy in many situations. With it, you can transfer data between USB accessories and a USB-C mobile device. Of the previously mentioned uses, the most common is connecting a keyboard or mouse. Thanks to them, navigating through the functions of a smartphone or tablet is much easier, and using a keyboard allows you to significantly reduce the time to write messages or work in applications such as Word or Google Documents. Another advantage of OTG cable is that it significantly expands the possibilities of mobile devices. In the event of an outage or lack of internet access, you can connect your smartphone and tablet to a portable modem and use a 3G or LTE high-speed data connection. This will increase the range of your devices. It is worth remembering that to be able to use this function, the equipment should have a valid SIM card installed.

An important issue is to match the plug of the OTG USB cable port. In the case of smartphones the most common solution is a type C plug. In turn, devices such as a keyboard, mouse, or flash drive use a type A plug. By taking the time to check the type of plug you can avoid confusion and the need to buy another product.

However not every device has the possibility of connecting OTG cable. This may be the case if you are using an older smartphone or have chosen a low-end budget device. Currently OTG support is a standard, but it is always better to make sure before buying a device. You will be informed about it by the marking on the box of the smartphone. This is a special logo where you will find the words "Certified USB On-The-Go". In case you don't have this option because, for example, you are using a used smartphone or you lost the box, then you can go to the Google app store or Apple Store and look for a program that will allow you to check if the device you have supports the "On-The-Go" standard.

The OTG cable is an increasingly popular solution when it comes to using the features of peripherals-keyboard, mouse, or gamepad. You can also use an OTG connection to access high-speed Internet, such as with a Wi-Fi modem. Most smartphones and tablets come with an OTG cable, and if you don't have one, it's easy to purchase from popular manufacturers. Before purchasing it is worth choosing the right provider, which guarantees that the connection will be safe for both devices and there will be no problems with the operation or unwanted failures.

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