Getting a call from a number you don't recognize can be stressful. If no one leaves a message, you may not be sure if you should call back at all. Fortunately, there are ways you can identify unknown numbers. For starters, look up numbers online on sites like Facebook. If that doesn't work, you can download smartphone apps to help identify unknown numbers. Be careful when contacting unknown numbers because you want to block spam calls and calls from telemarketers. Check an unknown phone numberso they don't harass you again.

Locating a number online

Enter the number into the search engine. If the unknown number is from a major establishment, it may show up in a search engine. The first thing to do with an unknown number is to type it into a search engine and see if it produces any recognizable results. You may find that local businesses and large businesses like your bank have tried to contact you.


Enter the number on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, you may be able to use it to identify an unknown caller. Simply type the number into Facebook's search bar. You may be able to find the profile associated with that number online.
Note that this doesn't always work, as some people's privacy settings prevent their numbers from being linked to their profile.

Use the reverse phone lookup page. If you type "reverse phone lookup" into a search engine, you should find many sites that allow you to type in a phone number to identify a caller. Try a few of these sites to see if any of them produce helpful results.
Reliable sites include sites like White Pages, Reverse Phone Lookup, and AnyWho.
Some sites may not be able to give you the exact name of the caller, but they can give you the general location of the caller. This can help you narrow it down. For example, if you know your classmate in a specific neighborhood in a city, the number may be associated with that area. If you recently gave that person your number, they may be calling you.

Using phone apps to identify your number

Use your Facebook app. If you downloaded the Facebook app to your mobile phone, you can use it to identify an unknown number. The Facebook app sometimes scans your contacts or people who have called you. If you search the "People You May Know" search bar on Facebook, Facebook may have added the caller to your list.
This option usually works best if you have some idea who might be trying to contact you.

Download phone apps. Many different phone apps are available for both Android phones and iPhones. Phone apps use search engines and their personal databases to identify callers. Some phone apps also allow you to block spam calls altogether.
Some apps can take up a lot of data. If an app is very large, you may want to avoid using it unless you frequently receive unknown calls.

Install the CallerID app. Some phone apps allow you to install the CallerID app on your smartphone. The CallerID app can instantly recognize numbers and provide information such as names, city, and state for most calls. If the CallerID app can't provide a name, it can provide some general information as the call comes in, which can help you decide whether or not to answer the phone. Calls are usually identified by some sort of pop-up notification, but this varies from app to app.

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