If you are a gamer, you surely know that having a powerful processor, good graphics card, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals is ideal for a good experience. But above all, you should have the best gaming monitor to accompany them to complete your gaming setup.

But in the end, we leave the monitors in the middle, and the quality of the monitor makes all the difference. It allows for higher resolutions that allow for more detailed images, higher frame rates, sharper and crisper colors, and wider viewing angles among many other factors.

However, the gaming monitor market is saturated with thousands of products. This makes it very difficult to choose the best gaming monitor that suits your specific needs. Here, we try to highlight the factors to consider when buying one and the best monitors for gaming, design, video editing and other professional work.

What are the best monitors for gaming?

First, we must understand that there are several types of monitors that are suitable for most users, and that many of them may seem the same, but they are not.

With the advent of new games, some special features are required, such as the need to expand the color space, increase the resolution for more detail and even more precise contrast adjustment.

Size and resolution

The size of a monitor display is determined by measuring the screen from corner to corner, not counting the edges surrounding the monitor.

When it comes to choosing the right size for you, it all depends on the space you have available for your monitor. For example, there's no point investing in a curved 34-inch monitor if you haven't furnished the room, is there?

We also have the issue of taste, as we have the option of buying two (or more) monitors and expanding our screen between them, or simply investing in a larger monitor as another alternative.

When we talk about the resolution of a monitor, remember that it is achieved by the number of pixels the monitor has horizontally and vertically. The more pixels it has, the sharper and more detailed the image is.

Currently, the resolution most commonly found on gaming monitors is Full HD (1920 x 1080), which offers a clear picture and is very affordable, with relatively affordable models and good performance.

As a recommendation, we advise you not to buy gaming monitors with a resolution lower than Full HD, as they usually do not display good image quality.

As an "unfortunate alternative", it's worth looking around for 4K monitors, because although their price is slightly higher, the image quality is surprisingly better than conventional Full HD monitors. But keep in mind that you'll need a good computer setup to run games in high resolution (such as 4K).

If you plan to settle for 2K or 1440p resolution, check out our list of the best 2K monitors. You can save enough money on your monitor to buy more equipment for perfectly balanced gaming.

Refresh rate

Another very important thing to look into is the refresh rate, which is increasingly sought after by gamers because a monitor with a high refresh rate is very important when it comes to fast and accurate gaming.

The update rate indicates how many images the monitor displays per second. Currently, the most common rate found on regular monitors is 60 Hz. However, since this article focuses on gaming monitors, we recommend looking for update rates above 90 Hz.

If you are a professional gamer or even a casual gamer who relies on seconds to make a move, this update rate can mean your win or lose. In this market, we can find a wide range of varieties, from 60Hz to 240Hz.

Response time

We can consider the response time of a monitor as the speed at which pixels change from one color to another.

The idea is to look for the lowest possible values, because this image has no lag and prevents ghost images from appearing on the screen, which are nothing but traces caused by very high response times when the pixels on the screen can't keep up, that is, when they can't change from one color to another fast enough.

Gaming monitors require near-instantaneous response times for images to be displayed accurately. The values specified for gamma monitors range from 1 ms to a maximum of 5 ms.

Panel types

Panel type is another important point to consider when buying a gaming monitor. Today we can mention two types of panels dominating the market: TN and IPS, each of which has its own special features and characteristics. We will talk about it next time:

TN (twisted nematics): It is the most used panel, usually the most economical monitors with the most favorable values. Not only do they make it easier, but they have a higher update rate of up to 144 Hz. The vast majority of TN panels have a response time of 1 to 4 ms.

IPS (In-Plane Switching): This technology is one of the most advanced, and with liquid crystals arranged horizontally, these panels produce bright images with a strong emphasis on color. They are usually used in high-end devices, and their update rate can go up to 240Hz. Its main advantage is an amazing 178º viewing angle that provides sharp images regardless of the angle. On the other hand, IPS panels have higher response times than TN panels, which range from 5 to 7 ms.

To sum it up, we can say this: For users who are looking for beautiful colors and good quality images but do not need very high response times, IPS panels are the best option, while TN panels have faster response times. colors are not as noticeable and striking.

FreeSync and G-Sync

These solutions aim to provide a better gaming experience by eliminating screen traces and reducing any lag on the monitor.

To successfully purchase a technology-independent monitor (FreeSync or G-Sync), you'll need to check which graphics processor (GPU or graphics card) you use in your computer; it must be compatible with your new monitor. If it's Nvidia, choose a monitor with G-sync; if it's AMD, find a monitor with FreeSync. Check out our list of the best G-Sync monitors for the best value.


Audio is another very important thing to check. We recommend that you always set up your home theater system so that you can fully enjoy your gaming equipment.

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