As economies around the world come to a screeching halt, consumers are starting to realize that some tech products are getting harder to find online. Case in point: the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo consoles are low in stock and if you were wondering where to buy a Nintendo Switch - you've come to the right place.

We list the stores where you can buy a Nintendo Switch at its normal retail price. (Note that you can still find Nintendo Switch deals on accessories and games). For the purposes of this story, we're rounding up all the third-party retailers that charge as much as $479 for the Nintendo Switch console alone.


In addition, we're also rounding up the best places to buy a Nintendo Switch Lite. Both consoles are in high demand and low inventory. However, if you act fast - you can still get a Nintendo console at a decent price.

Last week, the Nintendo Store had refurbished Nintendo Switch consoles. However, the store has since closed. On their website, the store has a closure "in accordance with federal and local guidelines." Currently, they only sell digital items. We will update our post when the store reopens.

Note to editors: We've noticed that many retailers are restocking their inventory, but they're running out just as fast. So if your Nintendo Switch console is out of stock, check another product or check out that same product at a later date.

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