Chain conveyors Redler are modern devices, which are especially useful during transporting bulk materials. With the help of such conveyors, it is possible to transport, among others, various kinds of feed, cereals, seeds, sawdust, bran, but also granulates. Everything depends on who deals with what things on a daily basis. Conveyors are especially useful in case of farms, they help to carry out particular tasks quickly and effectively.

Redler chains - what exactly are they? How to divide them and what to pay attention to?

Redler chains are appreciated not only on farms, but also in many other places, including the cement industry, metallurgy, but also mining. We can distinguish many types of conveyor chains, we are talking about:

  • scraper chains - their most important element are the scrapers, they are carefully designed to meet individual customer requirements,
  • plate (mesh) chains - they are most frequently used in the paper or metallurgical industry. They can be used for efficient handling of slightly heavier materials as they are resistant to wear,
  • roller chains - they are fully compliant with the applicable European and American standards,
  • bushing chains - the basic element of such devices is a hardened bushing,
  • pin chains - they are divided into L type and C type.

When purchasing a conveyor chain, you should pay attention to all safety issues. It is worth investing only in proven and solidly tested products. The materials which are used for the production of such chains should be of the highest quality and must be heat treated beforehand. Such chains will provide interested parties with reliable work, but also one hundred percent efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It is also important to pay attention to the dimensions of such chains, they should not be too large to achieve full efficiency of work.

Redler chains - how to purchase them?

Redler chains can be purchased in a very simple way, although in the first place you should focus on scrolling through the market offer. A good choice may be the Janus company, which has been operating on the market since 1980. It has a lot of completed production orders on its account, also for the largest concerns.

Thechains from Janus are manufactured only from certified materials, moreover, they are regularly inspected by the Quality Control Department. Thus, customers are guaranteed satisfaction and full safety of the product in use. Such chains are robust and have a very long service life. The company's employees provide a range of services related to ordering conveyor chains. The company focuses on an individual approach to customers, but also on the implementation of individual projects in accordance with the wishes of specific customers. It is always possible to ask for professional help and advice, which will be useful especially for people who are not very experienced and beginners.

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