When the lights of your car are getting weaker and weaker, and additionally their appearance is not optimal, it is worth checking if they have become tarnished. On the one hand, this is quite a normal phenomenon - especially considering the models of older vehicles. On the other hand, it is very dangerous - not only for you, but also for other road users. So what can you do to quickly and easily restore their former shine?

Why do headlights tarnish?

Over the years, in fact, all components of the car are subject to more or less wear. The same is true of headlights. They are particularly exposed to progressive aging processes due to adverse weather conditions, acid rain, road salt, sand, etc.

All this in turn leads to gradual damage to the car's lamp and can be the consequence of severe tarnishing. As a result, the light output is not as strong as it used to be. In addition, the light is directed at a completely different angle, which has a negative effect on the visibility...

But why is this? Most lamps are made of plastic. This is a component that is particularly sensitive to external factors. But tarnishing of headlights does not only mean poorer visibility and less attractive appearance of the car. In addition, you have to reckon with the fact that the diagnostic station will not allow the specific car to ...

Helpful set for manual regeneration of tarnished and yellowed plastic headlight shades

What are its features? It restores, among other things, the original transparency of the headlight shades. Additionally, it removes minor scratches and effectively protects them from getting dull and faded again.

It is a simple and inexpensive way to restore the attractive appearance of headlights and increase safety by increasing the efficiency of lights in the car. The kit is sufficient to restore two pairs of headlights.

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How to use it? Before you start headlight regeneration, you need to thoroughly wash with shine shampoo and protect (possibly cover) surfaces located near these elements (e.g. bonnet, radiator grille, bumper or fenders).

Sanding: First, attach the flower-shaped sanding pads (P5000) to the grey holder. Then wet the headlight with water and sand it - lightly - (picture 1) until the entire surface is not only even, but also dull. Then you have to wet the surface again and repeat the process. At the end of the process, you should remove any residue with the cloth provided.


Polishing: Apply polish to the white side of the polishing sponge (fig. 2). Apply the polish on the white side of the buffing sponge (fig. 2), pressing down firmly until the dull surface is removed (fig. 3). To check the effect of the polish (and when you have finished the task) use the cloth supplied (fig. 4).

Protection: Open the pouch which contains the cloth (it is soaked in protective agent). Then carefully wipe off the sanded and polished headlights (fig. 5). Wait about 30 minutes for adequate protection (you may not touch or wipe the headlights during this period). Please note that one cloth is sufficient for two headlights.

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