In every workshop you'll find a small oil compressor, which has many uses - pumping wheels, spraying paint or powering other tools such as sanders, sanding machines and air wrenches. The wrench itself, on the other hand, is needed to do work on your car, including removing the wheels. What should you look for when choosing an air wrench?

Who needs an air wrench?

Air wrenches are a must for garages, autodetailing studios, and vulcanization shops. However, professional service centres are not the only places where such tools are useful. It's worth buying an air wrench even for use in the garage at home, if you do some work on your car yourself, such as removing wheels or replacing tires or brake pads. Its high torque will also pay off in many other household jobs where a regular screwdriver is not enough. In short, an air wrench is useful for every DIY enthusiast! Chicago Pneumatic products can be found at >>.

What makes CHICAGO PNEUMATIC different?


CHICAGO PNEUMATIC is an American company with over 100 years of tradition - first as a pioneer and later as a leading manufacturer of various pneumatic tools. J.W. Duntley, the founder of the brand and a foundry master in Milwaukee, is responsible for the company's success. Together with Charles Schwab he started mass production of tools and filled a glaring gap in the market. Over time, the company offered entire complete air-powered systems.

Initially, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC operated only in the USA; their tools were used to build, among others, the Statue of Liberty and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. During World War II the brand produced tools necessary for the production of armaments, and after the war it became famous through the iconic poster of Rosie the Riveter with a woman eating lunch with a rivet-buster on her knees. The 1960s and 1970s saw further growth for the company, including a contract with NASA. No wonder the company's slogan is "CHICAGO PNEUMATIC - we build the tools that build America".Today, the brand is part of the ATLAS COPCO group and offers a wide range of tools for industry, construction and mining - including pneumatic hammers (4-40 kg), hydraulic hammers (92-360 kg), vibratory paddles, pneumatic drills, mould rammers, cleaners, generators, air compressors and much more.

CHICAGO PNEUMATIC CP7748: the most powerful pneumatic wrench in the rangeThis 1/2'' pneumatic impact wrench has an extremely exalted performance - max torque of 1250 Nm on loosening and speed of 8200 rpm. The 3 power settings provide perfect control, the thermoplastic rubber housing provides incredible grip and comfort, and the heavy-duty aluminium steel clutch provides excellent durability. Includes: rotating air intake, "double hammer" impact mechanism, infinitely adjustable speed and ergonomic composite handle. Quiet operation, versatile, durable mechanism and wide range of applications (light vehicle tire changing, MRO, typical service work) - what more do you want!

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